Saturday, March 04, 2006

Nuclear Deal: A win-win for both the countries.

Well Mr. Bush has done it. Striking the nuclear deal with India is a great move that future generations of both the countries would look back as a the turning point in terms of the relations between both these countries.It's a gud deal for both the countries, as they stand to gain equally due to this deal.

India gets the official recognition of a Nuclear Power from the U.S. and in a way from the rest of the western states, which for so long have refused to acknowledge it's status. No more poking from IAEA in regard with it's military reactors. Gets to keep the all important feeder reactors out of the civilian inspection regime. Deal enables it to buy high end nuclear tech. from the U.S. itself, to meet the rapidly emerging domestic power needs, thus reducing the dependence on Oil to some extent.

U.S. itself is going to gain enormously in terms of economic gains by selling the nuclear tech. to India. The American companies can now easily sell lucrative defense deals to India without much restrictions. India's less dependence on oil means less fuel prices to American consumers.
And more importantly U.S. stands to gain an important ally in the region as well as on the world scene. Both countries can work on their common goal(s) such as nuclear non-proliferation in the world, peace and stability etc.

I think Mr. Bush understands the value of having a great ally in the form of India. A democratic and stable nation like India could always be trusted with in difficult times. And Bush seems to have realized this pretty soon unlike his predecessor Mr. Clinton. Though Mr. Clinton played a major role in breaking the isolation of India by visiting it in 2000, that particular visit didn't serve much of India's interests. Mr. Clinton's administration stubbornly sticked to it's policy of no deal unless you sign the NPT/CTBT. Obviously, that didn't help the relations btw the two countries.

But Mr. Bush dared to think different from Clinton on the issue of nuclear co-operation with India. And he needs a pat on the back from us. His administration's foreign policy until now might have revolved around the theme of war on terror. But this decision might be a real shining gem among the rubble.

Well the ball is now in Mr. Bush's court. He has to make sure tht the U.S. Congress makes the required changes in the laws to pass the bill. let's keep our fingers crossed until then. I'm sure it's going to be passed......but until then....

Well done Mr. Bush. Well done India.

(Photo: AFP)

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