Tuesday, February 28, 2006

I hate.....

And here goes my ''hate" list........in no particular order....

(hmmm that somehow sounds.......Weird...... :-) )

......and one more thing before u read this list.....if somethin' offends u........just take it easy.

1) Hypocrisy and hypocritical people. I just can't stand having such people around me.

2) Religious fundamentalism (+ fundamentalists and fanatics).

3) Flowers........now settle down people.....it's not my fault....i somehow grew up hating flowers!
I just cannot stand the fragrance or the feel of them....... :-()

4) Conservative crap.

5) People who dress up like freaks just to be different from the rest of the world.

6) People who smell......use soap while bathing or at least use a dio. for everyone's sake.

7) People who are insensitive to other people's problems.
( nothing to do with no. 6 over here...... :-)......ohhh and also no. 1 )

8) Back stabbers.

9) Theocracy.

10) Racism.

11) Casteism.

13)Hype......especially the hype that surrounds celebrities/socialites/movies/parties....

14) People who shy away from taking the initiative when working in a team.

15) People who idolize movie actors/actresses and constantly keep blabbering abt them all the time.

16) The typical "masala movies" that bollywood/tollywood churn out ever year.

17) People who take to hunting as a sport or as a recreation. I just cannot understand why people do that? I mean what fun it is to kill unsuspecting and helpless animals?. This should really stop.

18) People who don't value their parents or family.

19) People who don't have the f*&k about how things go in the world but want to be the expert commentators on everything in the world. ( I'm talking about the so called 'experts' on tv and in media today.......especially if you've ever watched FOX news or most of the Indian news channels.... you'd certainly feel the same way)

20) Syncophancy & Syncophants.

21) Non-vegetarians who derive 'psychotic' happiness from poking fun at vegetarians.
I don't know why some non-vegetarians luv asking vegetarians whether they would like to try eating meat....i don't know what pleasure it gives them. I'm a veggy , and i have no problems sitting beside a meat eating person at dinners.....i don't poke fun at them?!

22) Being the center of attention anywhere (ok....let me also add that....I'm not exactly the center of attention kinda guy ,when in a crowd) ....and I'm fine with that.

23) People who like to humiliate others to extract a laugh from others (....when in a grp).

24) Losing or giving up on anything without putting in any kinda effort.

25) People who are narrow minded.

26) Cats.....of all types,sizes and shapes....i really hate them....actually, I'm scared of them.....they are the most unpredictable living things on earth......well, maybe after humans..... :-)

27) People who "mock" others........just 'cause they don't know what the other one is talkin' about....i mean when someone talks about current events & he gets mocked.....
This really irritates to me a great extent.....i sometimes feel like just breaking the nose of that person...

28) The feeling of helplessness in a situation.........i don't want to be in that position ever.

29) People with no sense of humor.

30) Being down with cold.

Well, enough of this hate......I'm kinda filled with hate right now :-) ......should have done this before the "I Luv" list like Shruthi....

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Sunday, February 26, 2006

Something to feel gud abt.

As they say......the feel gud story of the month!

I luv posting these kinda stuff....... :-)

Update: Having some problems with the youtube video...... so n joy it on google. Click here.

Saturday, February 25, 2006

9/11's a Conspiracy??!!....Well u watch and decide....

Edited: I'm was a douche for buying into this stuff back then. Complete bullocks.

Friday, February 24, 2006

Postcard from Space (3)

Image above: Pluto, center and it's previously known moon Charon, below Pluto and right of center, shine brightly. Two newly discovered moons appear more faintly to the right of the pair. Credit: NASA

Click here for full story.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Words of the President.....

Well we recently got comcast+basic cable in our apartment, so we are kind privileged by the choice of watching a few more channels than usual for the next six months. (Of the few channels...only discovery and Mtv2 are the only ones tht might arise one's interest....and oh the remaining are Hispanic and religious stuff!)

So when i had my dinner y'sday nite and was abt to leave for lab i came across a rerun of the President's speech this morning addressed to the ASIA Society (didn't know before tht such thing existed!). I never thought that i would sit thru a major part of this President's speech ever.....well i did...actually upto the point where he started talking abt the US's relations with the Pakis. ( blame my Indian instincts for tht!). Was kind impressed by wht he had to say.....i mean...it indicates a gud positive approach from his administration towards India.

But had to disagree with him on the nuclear deal.... we need more concessions on that. We just can't open up all our reactors to International inspections, we need to maintain minimum deterrence and for the reactors also vital for our strategic energy needs. Already we have given in too much and i think we need to take a strong stand on this. No more budging on this!

As far as out sourcing is concerned, he had this to say....
The area of America's relationship with India that seems to receive the most attention is outsourcing. It's true that a number of Americans have lost jobs because companies have shifted operations to India. And losing a job is traumatic. It's difficult. It puts a strain on our families. But rather than respond with protectionist policies, I believe it makes sense to respond with educational polices to make sure that our workers are skilled for the jobs of the 21st century.
I must say he made a gud point there. ( Well done......speech writers!)
All and all felt gud throughout out the speech...and had a couple of frowns here and there....but wasn't that bad. Now have to wait and see wht he says in India and more importantly how well does he convert his words into strong actions.
For full text of the speech, click here.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

I luv.....

Following on Shruthi's initiative....here is my list......in no particular order....

1) Mom's Cooking.

2) Spending a lot of time with my parents and brother.

3) Hot Tea ( better if made by mom/dad/bro. )....... anytime, especially on a cold Hyderabadi winter day or during the monsoon season.

4) People who are passionate abt things in life.

5) A hot shower..........anytime of the day.

6) Spending a grt deal of time with my relatives and family members at both of my ancestral homes (mom's n dad's).

7) A(n) (unending) game of cards with my cousins.

8) Just laying on my back and staring at the evening sky for hours together.

9) Just sitting on the banks of river Godavari (in my native place) and enjoying the sunset and cool breeze.

10) Watchin' a gud game of cricket with friends and family.

11) Long drives....

12) Watching/listening/talking about the secrets of our Universe....the unending expanse of space just amazes me....

13) Cooking to my parents and brother.

14) Watchin' gud T.V. ....... docus. , sports , gud tv series, cartoons..........

15) Eating spicy CHAT..... i jst luv it!

16) Listening to gud music......of any kinda....better if i get to understand the lyrics.

17) Blogging.

18) Hyderabad......everything abt it...... i jst luv how it & its people go by their lives. The flavor, the celebrations, the culture, the heritage, the diversity and everythin' else abt the city is jst beautiful......

19) ..... and i'm proud of belonging to the largest democracy in the world. I consider it to be a privilege.

20) Sweets.

21) Listening to the animated discussions, on any issue, tht my dad and his brothers have everytime they meet. ( ..... :-) .... i just can't stop laughing at the way they discuss....involves a lot of swearing (all directed out)...... i must also add tht they are highly intellectual discussions).

22) Watching or listenin' to gud stand-up comedy.

23) A long walk on slightly wet grass...............obviously on bare feet.....

24) Watchin' 'old' telugu movies.

25) Reading.

26) People who have genuine concern abt other people's problems and care to think abt them.

27) People who luv and value their parents.

28) Nature & Wildlife.

29) Dogs.

30) Grt views like sunsets, moonrises especially on beaches, landscapes and even urbanscapes.

31) ....having a gud laugh...especially when with family and friends.

32) People who can make the people around them laugh.

33) To have a cup of clean water when i'm thirsty.....there is no better thirst quencher than water.

34) The sights, sounds and smells of monsoon.

35) The childishness of my brother........luv it more to correct him when he is so. ( :-) )

36) To make others laugh.

37) To lead......like a passive leader rather than a over the top fella....

38) To sing.....but mostly when i'm having a shower or am alone.....cause it's better tht way.
( :-) )

39) Constructive criticism.

40) Being myself......everytime and everywhere.

41) Festivities and celebrations......in a simple way.

42) ....and am proud of the Indian values ( especially when u r from a typical middle class family) with which i'm brought up.

43) My country.

44) People who are sincere, frank and have a broad outlook over life.

45) Beauty.......in heart, mind and body.

46) A cool early morning breeze.

47) People who are rational in their thoughts and actions.

48) People like Shastri,Patel,Kalam, Vajpayee.... etc. who have/had the prosperity of their country and it's people always on their minds.

49) Being in jeans all the time......well most of the times....except in summer. (prefer shorts then.... :-) )

50) The soothing fragnance of sambrani @ home during mom's early morning pooja .

Well these seem to be all tht i could think of as of now......will add more if i remember any new ones.

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Wht a way to spend your 23rd birthday!!

Well........I turned 23 y'sday.

And cld you guess wht I did the whole day???

I spent the whole day working on my part time job!!!

Wht a wonderful way to spend your birth day.........11:40 hrs of fu@kin work!

And tht too when it's around -5 C outside . And to make things really worse for me....the heater in my building (where i work) brokedown just a day before.......sometimes luv the way how life throws hurdles at you when u least expect.

So i'm 23 now....and the only day in the fu@kin whole year when you feel 'special'....no matter who u r.....jst went by like tht.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006


Paris: French President Jacques Chirac has ordered the asbestos-lined warship Clemenceau back home after France's highest court on Wednesday blocked its transfer to India for breaking-up. More...

A round of applause for the Greenpeace and all other environmental activists who've fought tirelessly on this issue. Grt day for the people who care for this planet!



Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Follow up on 'Clemenceau' (2)

Being Cautious.......

Some Interesting developments on this issue!

Let's keep our fingers crossed and hope that France isn't being hypocritical in this matter.

And as for the Sainiks are concerned.............they are nothing but a bunch of dueshbags.....who inevitably end up every time on the wrong side of the story!


Wednesday, February 01, 2006


Well, the picture tells it all.