Wednesday, February 15, 2006


Paris: French President Jacques Chirac has ordered the asbestos-lined warship Clemenceau back home after France's highest court on Wednesday blocked its transfer to India for breaking-up. More...

A round of applause for the Greenpeace and all other environmental activists who've fought tirelessly on this issue. Grt day for the people who care for this planet!




Shuuro said...

Those asbestos need to be dumped somewhere in this planet and can't remain in Clemenceau for ever. If not in India then another country possibly from the third world. This makes me wonder why care about inevitable after effect than bringing awareness in the materials we use to build our world and thereby inducing to create/invent alternative materials, which are more environmental friendly. Now when my computer retires, where does this toxic go?.

Sri Harsha said...

Ya u r right. But we don't have to deal with somethin' tht we haven't created and less tht we haven't used. And yes it is probably goin' to be someother third world country tht is goin' to bear the least we r saved from it.

And we do need more awarness in these kinda issues and i believe we are also slowly makin' progress on this front too....thnks to organizations like Greenpeace etc.