Friday, February 24, 2006

Postcard from Space (3)

Image above: Pluto, center and it's previously known moon Charon, below Pluto and right of center, shine brightly. Two newly discovered moons appear more faintly to the right of the pair. Credit: NASA

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dev said...

nice disovery these nasa guys make..! but. how does it change life on earth?? does it really helps us..?

i am not qestioning nasa's effort .. its just a thought..

Sri Harsha said...

Well the answer to u're 'thought' is a pretty long one.

To make it a lot's all part of our mission to answer two basic questions....

1) Who are we?

& 2) Are we alone in this universe?

And on the question abt this helping us.....we need to look at the bigger picture. All these space explorations are small steps towards making sure tht humankind continues to survive after we run out of the resources on this planet. It's a long and complex story. Probably i shldn't have put it tht way.

For pro. answers....chk this full story.