Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Monday, July 25, 2005

The 8 bullets.

First of all let me set one thing clear, terrorists deserve to be punished. The punishment might be in the form of capital punishment or otherwise it doesn't matter. People who take innocent lives or who cause the death of thousands of civilians by their stupid decisions don't deserve any gratitude or respect. They might be some crazy religious lunatics or a powerful national leader, justice has to be served.

The perputrators of recent attacks on london deserve the same, make no mistake abt tht. But in these strange & difficult times we shld'nt be blinded from the basic human rights that a human being deserves. The guning down of an innocent man in london by three plain clothed police is an incident that shldn't be jst ignored as a "regretable tragedy" that is bound to happen in the given circumstances. I agree that things like these happen, a case of mistaken identity in our multi-cultural socities is bound to happen. We can't avoid an odd incident here and there, but what has to be noticed in this particular case is that around eight shots were fired and that too when he was pinned down against the ground!!!

Come on!!! 8 Shots ? ( Seven into his head and one into his shoulder per the BBC )

Tell me, how pissed off an officer(s) should be to do that? Believe me any officer in his senses wouldn't put in more than two or three bullets into a criminals head in situations like this....'cause they know what a bullet could do to one's head at that short range. I know people would say that the officers were in a very tense situation.....but aren't they trained to handle such situations? Once think of the situation faced by this poor fella.....confronted by three men in plain clothes and with guns in their hands....anyone would have reacted the same way in that kinda situation.

Just think about it.