Thursday, January 11, 2007

Another text book launch!

(Source: ISRO)

ISRO had a perfect launch y'sday of its main work horse PSLV. This launch is a major milestone for ISRO 'cause this is the first time that they've launched four satellites in one go and are also testing out their re-entry capabilities with a Space Recovery Capsule (SRE) among them. Now one has to just patiently wait till Jan 22nd to see how far the re-entry maneuvers are going to succeed .

All in all, a great day for ISRO!

Friday, January 05, 2007

2007 aye....

So, we are well into the first week of the new year.....and this is my first post after a while. Damn it! I should have blogged more often in the past two months. I somehow wasn't feeling to write anything after my graduation....there wasn't enough motivation actually. May be it is because of the long hours that i put in for my research and thesis write up or may be due to my search for jobs.....i somehow wasn't there.

And oh.....I'm still on the look out for a job! Damn the long holiday season....I've heard from some companies in the weeks leading to Christmas and I'm hoping to hear from them soon in this month. Keeping my fingers crossed on that front.....still!

So, '06 went by just like that....and we are looking at another full year. The last year wasn't any special, in general. But again, it depends upon who you ask . The world continued to be plagued with wars, unrest, disease, terror, extreme weather......the usual stuff. India & China continued to grow......and towards their individual quests for world power status......still quite a distance left to be covered on that front though. And the Bush administration is getting itself much deeper into the quagmire in Iraq by the end of the year with the execution of Saddam becoming a PR disaster.....phew! Anyways, there is light at the end of the tunnel and it kinda started to get brighter with the dems taking control of the congress and the senate today....have to keep an eye on this for the next two years.....

Personally, 2006 has been good for me.....kinda. I completed my research and graduated with reasonably good GPA.....a big thing for me in my life. But, I'm still looking for a job. Hmmm.....but the graduation thing wins not a bad year.

Well I'm done for this post, the first one of this year. Hopefully, I'll keep posting quite often as i did last year.

And oh....Happy new year!!!