Thursday, November 04, 2004


It's official!!!!

The number of Americans who are really dumb = 59,422,689 (51% of the total) , the total no of votes that President Bush received. Even the Europeans think so (take a look at this...... ) But do we really care ? Nay! 'cause we are Americans. So what's this uproar for....u may ask.

The fact is that America today stands totally divided into liberals and conservatives, more today than ever in our history. The conservatives won this time . But do they really represent the true America ! The answer is........ NO certainly not.

So why and how did they win once again? It comes down to two things......the failure of the democrats to mobilize their troops on the election day and the way some (or should I say..........most) news networks in our country work.The news networks in our country are too good at misleading the public with their way of reporting the news..............cause they just shell out what the pentagon gives out to them. It's the view pt of the pentagon or the White House (read war mongers) that we hear day in and day out. ( I'm talking abt the cable viewing house holds and abt the households that just have an antenna.......forget abt them.....they don't even know what is outside their city or state).

And that is what exactly happened in this elections.......the reporting of the war in Iraq, abt the economy ........people were told what the pentagon or white house thought would be sufficient for them to hear. And thus the result of this election turned out to be something.......... which I really hope that the day shouldn't come when America doesn't have to look back at and regret.