Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Test poll

Jst came across this site today.

So i'm trying this website........u re feed bck helps.


And oh.....don't forget to vote.

Did u like Shyamalan's "lady in the Water"?
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Liked it!
Was O.K.
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Saturday, July 22, 2006

WOW.....Mr. Shyamalan has done it again....


Jst came bck from watching the last show..........YAY a first for me with Night's movies.

Got to say this.......if u go in with an open mind....u'll luv this movie. If u can't do tht, then this movie isn't for u. In fact, u won't be able to relish any of his movies.

I luved this movie. Everything i was expecting of was there in it. But, it's really a different and a weird movie from his last four...........and is also quite funny in parts.

Actually, i want to write everything abt it right here.....but i don't want to spoil it for u.......not that there are any 'twists' in this . It's better if u watch it without knowing anything specific abt the plot.....tht way u wld certainly enjoy and appreciate it more.

Don't read any previews or watch any of those clips, tht will take some fun out of it.

Mr. Shyamalan's greatness lies in the fact tht, u will always come out of the theater feeling gud abt yourself and everything around you. It is no different with this movie too.

I'm waiting for his next........tht's for sure.


P.S. :
I really forgot abt it earlier......screw u critics....for saying tht Shyamalan's part is self-indulgent. Not at all.....i found it quite likeable.

Friday, July 21, 2006

In a quandary...

Well, let me come to the gud part first.......I successfully defended my thesis......YAY!

But, here is the catch.....i'm not really satisfied with my results......and am thinking really abt doing the data analysis part all over again. The price i have to pay........may be a loss of two to three months.....which really isn't a big deal if u look at the bigger picture. So i'm still going crazy over this part.....will keep u updated.


Now the annoying part. I'm really annoyed tht most of the so called movie 'critics ' are panning Shyamalan's new movie....... Lady In The Water......even before it's release!

Well, the real problem is tht most people don't get his movies.......everytime they expect a 'twist'. But his movies aren't abt the 'twists'......they are more than that. The twists are jst like an icing over a cake.

His movies are all abt the wonderful art of storytelling, which very few directors, through out the history of movie making, really had. He is one of those gifted and talented directors, who everytime brings an original story to the screen. His direction is immaculate. His choice of cast outstanding........and always has the wonderful James Newton Howard composing the background.

Anyways, planning to watch the movie 'morrow.

Hopefully, will write abt it........if i have enough time to do tht..... :)

And one more thing.....if u want to enjoy the real beauty of cinema , go and watch this movie. I bet.....u won't regret it.

Update: Came across this a little while bck on ign.com ...... cool link. Enjoy the virtual tour. :)

Saturday, July 15, 2006


I have submitted my first thesis draft to my committee today. Phew......at least done with a major part of my work load on road to my graduation. Never thought that thesis writing would be this hard.

The past three to two months have been real hectic for me. I've never worked these many hours for anything in my life.

Still a lot left to do for me.......on my thesis front. Need to complete my work on the appendices by Monday....and have a mock presentation too on that day to prepare for.

So here i go again....

Saturday, July 08, 2006

A picture.

A victim of war.

A Shia Iraqi woman, her face smeared with blood, hears that her son has died in fighting in Baghdad.

(Source: AFP/BBC)

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Here we go again!

Once again, politics had the upper hand in the matters of institutional governance in India.

Dr. Venugopal lost his job cause he dared to say to the government that it is fucking up the whole system by its caste politics. 48 years of association with a institute was severed just like that cause he stood up for a genuine cause.

Bravo GOI.......Bravo.

People of your kind remind me and reassure me time and again that my decision to come out of the country for my career is a wise decision.

Thank u .

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

"The Naked Truth"

"This Video Takes Us On A Deep Journey Of Exploration Into The Origin Of Most Of The Religions We Know Of Today. This Video Is A Factual Historical Breakdown."

A thousand thanks to the author who uploaded this onto the google video.

This presentation is a treasure throve.....that u could reap benifits from for years to come....if u grasp the "TRUTH".

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Fast approaching...

Into July now.

Only 18 days left for my defense and everything is going as planned right now.......so jst working and working.........and working right now......