Saturday, July 22, 2006

WOW.....Mr. Shyamalan has done it again....


Jst came bck from watching the last show..........YAY a first for me with Night's movies.

Got to say this.......if u go in with an open mind....u'll luv this movie. If u can't do tht, then this movie isn't for u. In fact, u won't be able to relish any of his movies.

I luved this movie. Everything i was expecting of was there in it. But, it's really a different and a weird movie from his last four...........and is also quite funny in parts.

Actually, i want to write everything abt it right here.....but i don't want to spoil it for u.......not that there are any 'twists' in this . It's better if u watch it without knowing anything specific abt the plot.....tht way u wld certainly enjoy and appreciate it more.

Don't read any previews or watch any of those clips, tht will take some fun out of it.

Mr. Shyamalan's greatness lies in the fact tht, u will always come out of the theater feeling gud abt yourself and everything around you. It is no different with this movie too.

I'm waiting for his next........tht's for sure.


P.S. :
I really forgot abt it earlier......screw u critics....for saying tht Shyamalan's part is self-indulgent. Not at all.....i found it quite likeable.


Shruthi said...

I saw the trailer for this movie when I had been to watch some other movie. I made a mental note not to watch it - it seemed too scary for me [Pssst... I am terribly scared to watch horror movies] :) Having said that, I have watched and enjoyed Sixth Sense and The Village. But no, not Lady in the Water, though you reco it so highly - no :O

Sri Harsha said...
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Dr. Alamandrax said...

...this isn't a scary movie yet all.

Not yet all.....i found it ...

You meant "at all" did you not? I'm positive "Not yet all" means "not yet, all of you".

Sri Harsha said...
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Sri Harsha said...

Thnk u Dr. Drax.


Sri Harsha said...

@ Shruthi:


Tht is the problem with these studio executives, they make me really angry. They haven't been promoting Shyamalan's movies in the right way at all.


Shruthi, take my word for this.......this isn't a scary movie at all. It's kinda a modern fairy tale. Many of us over here liked the pic.

Don't read any reviews.......critics are way off on this. Screw them. ):(^

U will really n joy this movie.



Shruthi said...

Whoa!! Okie okie Gotcha!! :D :D
Ok Harsha! Here is a deal. I will not go looking for the movie - but if I get a chance to watch it, I won't miss it :) Done? ;)

Sri Harsha said...