Tuesday, July 11, 2006




Shuuro said...

This blast infuriates me for senseless loss of life and routine inaction of our government. When i think of trauma these families have to go through, i can only feel it, when i imagine, what if my family member was on that train?, since i know none of the victims, perhaps our human mind needs to visualize to connect to state of others mind.
Anyway, sadly when we read bbc article, it never mention it as a terrorist act but just quotes what others have said or called "terrorism" but this was not the case when London bombing happened, they liberally used the word "terrorists" in their reporting and it only shows their double standards & bias. When we talk of double standards, our media too called perpetrators of yesterday's serial blasts in J&K as actions of militants (perhaps number of deaths qualify for them to choose convenient word) but in some channels in their hindi edition they used hindi word which is equivalent to terrorist, perhaps its their ignorance.

Sri Harsha said...

@ shuuro:

I agree with all your points my friend.

May the peace be with the people who have lost their loved ones. And hope the people who were injured wld recover soon.

The GOI.....well it is waste to talk abt our (lack of) response to continued acts of terror on us. These many attacks would not have happened if we were strong and decisive to the first acts itself.

Yeah....the western media has "a problem" to describe terror attacks occuring in devoloping and third world countries as "terror" attacks.....maybe some of them are still caught up in the "imperialistic and colonial supremacy" era.

Atleast BBC covers the attacks extensively in a way.....if u look at most of the mainstream media over here....they behave as if these attacks don't matter and make up much.