Saturday, July 28, 2007

Not a dose of Nationalism....

Source: BharatBala Productions @ Google videos

....far from it. Loved this video when it came out a year ago. Kinda showcases the side of India that is awakening up to tremendous economic growth and prosperity.

I agree that we still have a long way to go....really long way....before becoming a developed nation. But we are slowly but surely taking the right leaps.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Good tour ahead?

Source: Bipin Patel @

Well, he got off with a good knock against Sussex in the tour opener.

Update: Damn....just when things were looking good...he gets out for a third ball duck against the England A! Come on dude.....u need to grab every chance that comes your way.

On a different note, he might get to play county cricket for Lancashire after the tests! Good for him.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

1-18-08 anyone?

Cool way to create a buzz about your upcoming movie.......create an awesome trailer and show it before a summer blockbuster.

You could also go over to here for a high def. trailer......

Also check out,


Go figure out!

Monday, July 09, 2007

Best Indian XI?

With the India's tour of England in progress, Tony Greig came up with his all time best Indian XI on his audio blog at I actually thought it wasn't a bad team to bet on. I wouldn't necessarily call it the all time best but it is pretty close to being that.

Check it out.

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Live Earth......update 4.....

Fans enjoy Live Earth at Giants Stadium. (Bryan Bedder/Getty Images)


The Live Earth concert at New Jersey is rockin'!

What a fantastic line up and each one of them is an excellent act. Bon Jovi is currently on and just listening to their performance itself made my day today..........

Live Earth.....update 3....

The London and New York legs are in full swing. Wow....this is a treat for music lovers and above all for those who care about the planet - its present and future.

Keane was on earlier at Wembley. James Blunt just wrapped up his act at Wembley. I'm swaping between these two concerts right now. Wow...what a grt weekend it is turning out to be...

Keith Urban and Alicia Keys are doing a duet right now at the Gaints Stadium.

Rock on!

Live Earth.....update 2...

Wow....the concerts are in full swing right now. Australian and Japanese legs have ended and China is wrapping up its part.

Woke up this morning to catch Black Eyed Peas playing at the new Wembley Stadium. They were followed by Duran Duran, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, The Bloc Party and so on....and more to come. Meanwhile in Germany we have Enrique Igleasias wrapping up. Awesome!

South Africa is stepping up and rocking with some local flavor right now.

New York and Brazil are to follow this evening. So hang on guys and rock on!

More importantly pledge something that is gonna make a difference in your life and a hell of lot difference in the world around you.

Peace out.

Live Earth.........update 1.......

Wow.....this Live Earth concert is really really good!

Listened to Toni Colleti & The Finish perform to just building crowd in Sydney. She sounded good....hmm has a singing talent along with great acting skills.... good for her. Missy Higgins just completed her set of songs.....she really has a good husky kinda Australian voice....loved her....may be have to start listening to her more often! Right now...John Butler Trio is playing and these guys too have their own unique style.....excellent! Man....need to start listening to some Aussie stuff....

Simultaneously, the concert in Japan too is going on with some local and international come on guys get on to the above all pledge......make a difference!

I need to hit the bed right now.....i hope to catch up with the later part of the concert 'morrow nite then.

Live Earth....

Go to this site right now.....and be part of something good.....something important....something satisfying!

Damn....should have put this thing up earlier.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

July 4th Ramblings

First of all, Happy Independence Day America! Rock on!

Now to more serious matters. People are quite angry (at least most of them are) that Bush commuted Scooter Libby's sentence by waiving his jail term. I wasn't surprised at all by Bush's decision. Hell, i was expecting a full pardon and actually Bush suggested that yesterday. Bush after all is expected to look out for his loyal subordinate after he took all the hits and remained silent throughout the whole investigation. What else could you expect from a president who puts loyalty above all things while choosing people to work for him or for the government?

What people should be really angry about is the way Patrick Fitzgerald carried out the investigation - the whole "Who leaked CIA source?" thing. After all, Libby was just found guilty of obstructing justice by not revealing information about who was behind this whole leak. So to put it simply, he let the higher officials in the Bush administration (read Cheney & Co.) go scot-free without any charges being leveled against them. Hope the Dems will find courage to look into the details of this (wishful thinking!?)

Moving on.......the investigation into the failed U.K terror plots is throwing up interesting and scary results. All or most of the suspects who were either arrested or detained in this regard turned out to be highly educated Muslim medics!? And they are also are from diverse backgrounds.....from countries like Iraq ( :wink: - so much for war on terror in Iraq ha), Jordan and India (whaaaaat!?). These people are most probably thought to have met after coming to U.K. and might have plotted these attacks 'cause of shared ideology and seeing what is going on in Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon and Palestine. Obviously, most of the Islamic world sees things differently when it comes to war on terror in places like Iraq and Lebanon these days. And with things spiraling downhill in places like Afghanistan and Palestine, it is a lot of difficulty for the West to win hearts and minds of the people in the Islamic world. And worst of all, more plots or attacks like these would lead to extensive racial profiling of all immigrants in the West......and the prospect of that is really scary to all the peaceful immigrant majority living in the West.....including myself.

We need to realize that our current strategy of fighting radical Islam is going no where in making us safe. We need to seriously think about starting a dialogue with the moderate majority of the Islamic world which is largely peaceful and open to dialogue with the West. Using military force would only worsen and deepen lot of misunderstandings that exist between the west and the middle-east. But at present i don't see any such steps being taken or considered from both sides.

P.S.: Between, thank you once again Keith Olbermann for speaking for the majority of us here in the U.S.

Monday, July 02, 2007


Source: Saquaro cacti are silhouetted by a full moon rising over South Mountain Saturday, June 30, 2007, in Phoenix. (AP Photo/Paul Connors)

Sunday, July 01, 2007

The Main Stream Media is at it again

There is something seriously wrong with the way the MSM here reports international events especially if it has something to do with terrorism.

As i was going through the paces of another lazy Saturday afternoon, the news breaks of the terror attack on Glasgow airport.....thank goodness that a major tragedy has been averted there and in London too. But what i saw for the rest of day on tv in regard with the terror attacks was quite disturbing to say the least. There wasn't any substance in the reports aired on all the networks throughout the day, all i could see was scary and big loud headlines followed by the same replay of the burning jeep footage over and over again. On all the networks there were clueless reporters and even more clueless "terrorism experts" blabbering about everything but the main issue that was happening. Fox was up to its usual best......scaring the shit out of anyone who watched it. Its only very scared. And oh, it also managed to sneak in "expert-panel" of radio hosts who stressed how important it is to build a fence along our southern border so as to prevent the "terrorists" from sneaking in. Are they really that dumb to not realize that we have to build close to 2000 miles of fence for that!? Isn't it much easier to monitor the border with the latest technology and above all with the cooperation from the Mexicans!?

While the whole MSM here was going overboard with its Glasgow coverage, the BBC radio (which i listen to regularly) was back to its usual programming. I surely believe that most of the international TV coverage too would have been running their usual programming by then. I really feel that, at times like this, PBS should start a exclusive news channel with focus on national and international news.

And the most troubling thing is that no one mentioned why our involvement in Iraq is a major cause for this increased terror attacks and threat. This occupation isn't making us more safer than we are now. And no body in the MSM is mentioning that as much as it has to be stated.

On a more different note, watched Unbreakable again today.......a classic!