Sunday, July 01, 2007

The Main Stream Media is at it again

There is something seriously wrong with the way the MSM here reports international events especially if it has something to do with terrorism.

As i was going through the paces of another lazy Saturday afternoon, the news breaks of the terror attack on Glasgow airport.....thank goodness that a major tragedy has been averted there and in London too. But what i saw for the rest of day on tv in regard with the terror attacks was quite disturbing to say the least. There wasn't any substance in the reports aired on all the networks throughout the day, all i could see was scary and big loud headlines followed by the same replay of the burning jeep footage over and over again. On all the networks there were clueless reporters and even more clueless "terrorism experts" blabbering about everything but the main issue that was happening. Fox was up to its usual best......scaring the shit out of anyone who watched it. Its only very scared. And oh, it also managed to sneak in "expert-panel" of radio hosts who stressed how important it is to build a fence along our southern border so as to prevent the "terrorists" from sneaking in. Are they really that dumb to not realize that we have to build close to 2000 miles of fence for that!? Isn't it much easier to monitor the border with the latest technology and above all with the cooperation from the Mexicans!?

While the whole MSM here was going overboard with its Glasgow coverage, the BBC radio (which i listen to regularly) was back to its usual programming. I surely believe that most of the international TV coverage too would have been running their usual programming by then. I really feel that, at times like this, PBS should start a exclusive news channel with focus on national and international news.

And the most troubling thing is that no one mentioned why our involvement in Iraq is a major cause for this increased terror attacks and threat. This occupation isn't making us more safer than we are now. And no body in the MSM is mentioning that as much as it has to be stated.

On a more different note, watched Unbreakable again today.......a classic!

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