Thursday, February 23, 2006

Words of the President.....

Well we recently got comcast+basic cable in our apartment, so we are kind privileged by the choice of watching a few more channels than usual for the next six months. (Of the few channels...only discovery and Mtv2 are the only ones tht might arise one's interest....and oh the remaining are Hispanic and religious stuff!)

So when i had my dinner y'sday nite and was abt to leave for lab i came across a rerun of the President's speech this morning addressed to the ASIA Society (didn't know before tht such thing existed!). I never thought that i would sit thru a major part of this President's speech ever.....well i did...actually upto the point where he started talking abt the US's relations with the Pakis. ( blame my Indian instincts for tht!). Was kind impressed by wht he had to say.....i indicates a gud positive approach from his administration towards India.

But had to disagree with him on the nuclear deal.... we need more concessions on that. We just can't open up all our reactors to International inspections, we need to maintain minimum deterrence and for the reactors also vital for our strategic energy needs. Already we have given in too much and i think we need to take a strong stand on this. No more budging on this!

As far as out sourcing is concerned, he had this to say....
The area of America's relationship with India that seems to receive the most attention is outsourcing. It's true that a number of Americans have lost jobs because companies have shifted operations to India. And losing a job is traumatic. It's difficult. It puts a strain on our families. But rather than respond with protectionist policies, I believe it makes sense to respond with educational polices to make sure that our workers are skilled for the jobs of the 21st century.
I must say he made a gud point there. ( Well done......speech writers!)
All and all felt gud throughout out the speech...and had a couple of frowns here and there....but wasn't that bad. Now have to wait and see wht he says in India and more importantly how well does he convert his words into strong actions.
For full text of the speech, click here.


dev said...

did u happen to hear the term "banglored" .. !
thats what we indians cud do..!

Sri Harsha said...

Yeah.....i agree.

We really are capitalising on the brainpower tht we have....but i think our companies need to kinda create a gud impression among the people of the countries who are loosing their jobs to outsourcing.

Need to convince these folks tht it kinda works the both ways.
It's also pretty gud for their economies as well as the world economy. This is where we need aggressive PR firms operating on our behalf in these countries.