Tuesday, February 21, 2006

I luv.....

Following on Shruthi's initiative....here is my list......in no particular order....

1) Mom's Cooking.

2) Spending a lot of time with my parents and brother.

3) Hot Tea ( better if made by mom/dad/bro. )....... anytime, especially on a cold Hyderabadi winter day or during the monsoon season.

4) People who are passionate abt things in life.

5) A hot shower..........anytime of the day.

6) Spending a grt deal of time with my relatives and family members at both of my ancestral homes (mom's n dad's).

7) A(n) (unending) game of cards with my cousins.

8) Just laying on my back and staring at the evening sky for hours together.

9) Just sitting on the banks of river Godavari (in my native place) and enjoying the sunset and cool breeze.

10) Watchin' a gud game of cricket with friends and family.

11) Long drives....

12) Watching/listening/talking about the secrets of our Universe....the unending expanse of space just amazes me....

13) Cooking to my parents and brother.

14) Watchin' gud T.V. ....... docus. , sports , gud tv series, cartoons..........

15) Eating spicy CHAT..... i jst luv it!

16) Listening to gud music......of any kinda....better if i get to understand the lyrics.

17) Blogging.

18) Hyderabad......everything abt it...... i jst luv how it & its people go by their lives. The flavor, the celebrations, the culture, the heritage, the diversity and everythin' else abt the city is jst beautiful......

19) ..... and i'm proud of belonging to the largest democracy in the world. I consider it to be a privilege.

20) Sweets.

21) Listening to the animated discussions, on any issue, tht my dad and his brothers have everytime they meet. ( ..... :-) .... i just can't stop laughing at the way they discuss....involves a lot of swearing (all directed out)...... i must also add tht they are highly intellectual discussions).

22) Watching or listenin' to gud stand-up comedy.

23) A long walk on slightly wet grass...............obviously on bare feet.....

24) Watchin' 'old' telugu movies.

25) Reading.

26) People who have genuine concern abt other people's problems and care to think abt them.

27) People who luv and value their parents.

28) Nature & Wildlife.

29) Dogs.

30) Grt views like sunsets, moonrises especially on beaches, landscapes and even urbanscapes.

31) ....having a gud laugh...especially when with family and friends.

32) People who can make the people around them laugh.

33) To have a cup of clean water when i'm thirsty.....there is no better thirst quencher than water.

34) The sights, sounds and smells of monsoon.

35) The childishness of my brother........luv it more to correct him when he is so. ( :-) )

36) To make others laugh.

37) To lead......like a passive leader rather than a over the top fella....

38) To sing.....but mostly when i'm having a shower or am alone.....cause it's better tht way.
( :-) )

39) Constructive criticism.

40) Being myself......everytime and everywhere.

41) Festivities and celebrations......in a simple way.

42) ....and am proud of the Indian values ( especially when u r from a typical middle class family) with which i'm brought up.

43) My country.

44) People who are sincere, frank and have a broad outlook over life.

45) Beauty.......in heart, mind and body.

46) A cool early morning breeze.

47) People who are rational in their thoughts and actions.

48) People like Shastri,Patel,Kalam, Vajpayee.... etc. who have/had the prosperity of their country and it's people always on their minds.

49) Being in jeans all the time......well most of the times....except in summer. (prefer shorts then.... :-) )

50) The soothing fragnance of sambrani @ home during mom's early morning pooja .

Well these seem to be all tht i could think of as of now......will add more if i remember any new ones.


Shruthi said...

Lovely list, Harsha!! :)
Walking barefoot on wet grass, smell of Sambrani... so many things in your list taht I absolutely love, but have not added in mine :)

Global Indian said...

Harsha, this quite an exhaustive list!!

and Vajpayee fan? :)

btw, what is your native place? My native place is also very close to the banks of Godavari.

Sri Harsha said...

@ Shruthi : Thnks a lot shruthi.

@ Ravi: Thnks dude. Yup...big time admirer of him.
And i was born in a small town called Narsapur, West Godavari District, AP. It's on the banks of river Godavari actually very close to where it merges with the bay of bengal. Luv tht place.

cRaY3 said...

dunno much abt andhra stuff...but i am a big admirer of andhra foog(veg)..the dal powder and garlic powder with ghee makes me drool..

Sri Harsha said...

@ cray3 : Yeah.....i jst luv pickles and chutneys.....and add a spoon of ghee or a scoop of fresh butter to them....it is like heaven to me.


Madhooo said...

Very refreshing stuff. Especially as Shruthi mentions- walking on wet grass and the sambhrani stuff.:))

Sri Harsha said...

Thnks madhoo....and thnks for visitin' my blog!

Anil Jagalur said...

Hi Harsha, finally, I get to see your blog! A great list of favourite things - "these are all few of (lots of?) my favourite things".

Looks like you could add one more item to the list: Making a list of my favourite things! ?

There is a short and simple summary of your list - LIFE!

Sri Harsha said...

Hey Anil, thnk u for commentin' on my blog.

Ya i cld aswell do tht! :-)