Sunday, February 19, 2006

Wht a way to spend your 23rd birthday!!

Well........I turned 23 y'sday.

And cld you guess wht I did the whole day???

I spent the whole day working on my part time job!!!

Wht a wonderful way to spend your birth day.........11:40 hrs of fu@kin work!

And tht too when it's around -5 C outside . And to make things really worse for me....the heater in my building (where i work) brokedown just a day before.......sometimes luv the way how life throws hurdles at you when u least expect.

So i'm 23 now....and the only day in the fu@kin whole year when you feel 'special' matter who u r.....jst went by like tht.


Shruthi said...

Happy Birthday! (so what if it's belated - what matters is the thought ;))
So you had a difficult day :( But so what, now you know that it will definitely not be worse than this next year ;))
Have a lovely year ahead!

Sri Harsha said...

hey ther shruthi.....thnks a lot!

Ya definitely....the nxt isn't goin' to be worse than this.... :-)

Thnk u.

Dr. Alamandrax said...

Happy Birthday!

woo. lots of them the past month.

consumerdemon, the sophist, kartik, you. fun times.

no, will not comment on the job thingy.

except to say, a person's gotta do what a person's gotta do.

Sri Harsha said...

Thnks dr. 'drax.

Ya i agree...but was kinda lettin' out my anguish...tht's it.

Global Indian said...

Happy Birthday!!

Sri Harsha said...

@Global Indian: Thnks a lot dude.

Btw...haven't seen u bloging for a while? Wht's the matter?

Global Indian said...

Pretty busy these days, Harsha. Have to work on weekends too. First weekend this one without work since long time.

Thanks for your encouragament. Will now make time for it. :)

Sri Harsha said...

Ya i's the same with me over here and tht's why my frequency of posting has come down significantly recently...anyway do it on u're own terms...tht's always gud!

cRaY3 said...

i dont work for *others* on my bday..anyways belated wishes

Sri Harsha said...

Well quotin' dr. 'drax "a person's gotta do what a person's gotta do"....there was no other go for me on tht! :-(

Anyways....thnk u for the wishes.

Shuuro said...

I'm late in wishing you, nevertheless good luck for this year!. I used to like Bdays when i was child but now i feel what's so happy in getting old?

Sri Harsha said...

Hey no problemo dude thnks a lot....even i feel the same abt gettin' old. I expressed the same in my "Why do we still long for our childhood after it is long gone?" post a few months back.