Tuesday, February 28, 2006

I hate.....

And here goes my ''hate" list........in no particular order....

(hmmm that somehow sounds.......Weird...... :-) )

......and one more thing before u read this list.....if somethin' offends u........just take it easy.

1) Hypocrisy and hypocritical people. I just can't stand having such people around me.

2) Religious fundamentalism (+ fundamentalists and fanatics).

3) Flowers........now settle down people.....it's not my fault....i somehow grew up hating flowers!
I just cannot stand the fragrance or the feel of them....... :-()

4) Conservative crap.

5) People who dress up like freaks just to be different from the rest of the world.

6) People who smell......use soap while bathing or at least use a dio. for everyone's sake.

7) People who are insensitive to other people's problems.
( nothing to do with no. 6 over here...... :-)......ohhh and also no. 1 )

8) Back stabbers.

9) Theocracy.

10) Racism.

11) Casteism.

13)Hype......especially the hype that surrounds celebrities/socialites/movies/parties....

14) People who shy away from taking the initiative when working in a team.

15) People who idolize movie actors/actresses and constantly keep blabbering abt them all the time.

16) The typical "masala movies" that bollywood/tollywood churn out ever year.

17) People who take to hunting as a sport or as a recreation. I just cannot understand why people do that? I mean what fun it is to kill unsuspecting and helpless animals?. This should really stop.

18) People who don't value their parents or family.

19) People who don't have the f*&k about how things go in the world but want to be the expert commentators on everything in the world. ( I'm talking about the so called 'experts' on tv and in media today.......especially if you've ever watched FOX news or most of the Indian news channels.... you'd certainly feel the same way)

20) Syncophancy & Syncophants.

21) Non-vegetarians who derive 'psychotic' happiness from poking fun at vegetarians.
I don't know why some non-vegetarians luv asking vegetarians whether they would like to try eating meat....i don't know what pleasure it gives them. I'm a veggy , and i have no problems sitting beside a meat eating person at dinners.....i don't poke fun at them?!

22) Being the center of attention anywhere (ok....let me also add that....I'm not exactly the center of attention kinda guy ,when in a crowd) ....and I'm fine with that.

23) People who like to humiliate others to extract a laugh from others (....when in a grp).

24) Losing or giving up on anything without putting in any kinda effort.

25) People who are narrow minded.

26) Cats.....of all types,sizes and shapes....i really hate them....actually, I'm scared of them.....they are the most unpredictable living things on earth......well, maybe after humans..... :-)

27) People who "mock" others........just 'cause they don't know what the other one is talkin' about....i mean when someone talks about current events & he gets mocked.....
This really irritates to me a great extent.....i sometimes feel like just breaking the nose of that person...

28) The feeling of helplessness in a situation.........i don't want to be in that position ever.

29) People with no sense of humor.

30) Being down with cold.

Well, enough of this hate......I'm kinda filled with hate right now :-) ......should have done this before the "I Luv" list like Shruthi....


Shruthi said...

Ohho... :))
I liked ur list, though ;)

Global Indian said...

Your number 1 in the hate list is my first item too. I think I shud restart my blog with the hate list.

Sri Harsha said...

@ Shruthi: :-))

@ Ravi: Sure dude....tht's a grt way to start over. :-)

Eshwar said...

u are utterly wrong about cats & non-vegetarians.
i they ask u it does'nt mean u have to.

Sri Harsha said...

@ Eshwar:
Hey dude this is my hate list boss. And regarding NVs, i used "some" and shld have been more cleare ther. My mistake.


Debbie said...

On the protests in India, yes I did comment that while they were shouting praise for Osama and hate for bush, "they were peaceful". That's free speech and I have nothing wrong with that. Just as you say, like here in the USA.

What I do have a problem with is 'burning, killing, destroying property' as a form of protest like after the Danish Mohammad cartoons. If people can sit down together and discuss their differences it would be much better.

Thanks for stopping by Right Truth and come visit again.


Sri Harsha said...

@ Debbie: did i get u wrong ?

or did u get me wrong?