Friday, January 06, 2006

A new year gift from France !!??

Well that might be to the steel mafia operating in a shipyard, like the one in the Bhavnagar district of Gujarat, on India's western coast. But for the coastal ecology and to the numerous laborers working over is a prescription for disaster and death. And the reason for all this ruckus….well a French aircraft carrier Clemenceau with unknown amount of Asbestos on it is heading to the above mentioned wreck yard.

And who are protesting against this........well, practically none in least not the state and central administrations. Except for the Greenpeace and a hearing from the SC's Committee on Hazardous Waste no one in India is bothering about the impending menace. It is interesting to note that 'hot' news like this is being ignored by most of the mainstream media with only a handful of news channels and newspapers giving it a front-page coverage….well at least up till now.

So let us hope that good sense prevails among our ruling elite and that they would take sensible steps in preventing this ecological catastrophe happening in India.

I’m always amazed at our chalta hai attitude in most of the issues that have an impact on us and the environment. But this attitude of taking everything for granted is going to cost us in not so distant future. Some of the results are already being felt in India and also across the sphere….in the form of effects like global warming and its consequences, El Niño, La Niña etc. Time has come for us to make resolute decisions in this regard or else it is going to be too late for us to repent.

P.S. : Click the title of this post for an article on this issue in the Indian Express.


Shuuro said...

I don't think people are really aware of the environmental issues. Our journalist mostly concentrate on politics, day to day happenings & cricket and other news items are bought from external newsgathering organizations. Only few journos have genuine interest in issues related to environment or Defense news. Hence there is no proper coverage on the graveness of the issue, if our news media had raised to the occasion and highlighted the impending danger then many would had expressed their objections.

Sri Harsha said...

@ shuuro: Right on dude....i agree with u.

Most of the news media in India,today,is moving towards 'hype' than content. In this process issues that have grave consequences are being mostly ignored.....especially issues like the environment,poverty,health care etc.