Saturday, March 18, 2006

Somethin' fishy goin' on in Washington....

Oh boy! the looks of things in the recent days , surely somethin' fishy is going on in Washington regarding preemptive strike against Iran . It's lookin' more and more like the 'before' scenario of the Iraq war now. I think the Bush administration has already reached a decision on the strike against Iran long time bck, it's just a matter of the "right" time now.

The groundwork for this, in terms of rallying public opinion, has already started with the kinda of statements emanating from Bush and other members of his administration. A couple of days back the Bush administration released an updated version of it's 2002 Security policy manifesto which reaffirms the now infamous "preemptive strike" policy. And then Bush, during a key policy speech, singled out Iran as the single most serious threat to U.S's security in the world today.

And also the mouthpiece of the GOP......FOX news....has started concentrating more and more on Iran in it's news coverage and special reports. And all these reports deal/dealt with dangers of Iran having nukes and possibility of a preemptive strike.

Here is the thing now......... when Fox news & it's reporters start talking abt the logistics of a preemptive strike....make no mistake....there is really something 'concrete' happening. Fox news is like a testing plus propaganda machine for the Bush administration and conservative ideas in general......they are most probably the first media outlet in the States which starts building up the fear psychosis among the public in the US to create support for the policies of Bush administration ( in general for all the GOP administrations).

Remember Iraq!

I'm really shocked and speechless that Mr. Bush and his administration are really thinking abt doing it all over again in a new country in spite of what all has happened in Iraq!!!!!!!!!

How come these idiots are governing a democratic country ? And shit.....tht too for a second straight term!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How many more have to loose their lives????

Iraq count: US Army: 2300+ Iraqi Civilians: 100,000+

Isn't this enough Mr. President?

P.S. : Jon has an interesting and as always very funny take on this.............. make sure to take a look.


LaPopessa said...

I'm just going to go back to bed now, pull the covers over my head and start telling myself this is all just one freaky bad dream.

Sri Harsha said...

@ LaPopessa : Sadly....tht's wht we can do now!

Harinath Mallepally said...

let us hope its not going to happen!

Sri Harsha said...

Keepin' fingers crossed!