Sunday, March 05, 2006


Mr. Bush seems to be enjoyin' his tour to South Asia, away from all the troubles at home........and elsewhere too.

Had a little game initiation session in nets setup at the US Embassy in Islamabad y'sday. To help him out were Pakistani cricketers Inzy and Butt along the sidelines. A gud PR exercise for Bush, might have worked with the rest of the cricketing world.......but not sure abt how the paki's might have reacted to all this!

Click here for all the pictures posted on the BBC. And for video click the title of this post.


dev said...

everybody needs a vacation.. n bush is no execption. he is right now on a vacation.. jst makes it sure it looks like a business trip.!

Sri Harsha said...

Well dev, i wld say he is mixing business with pleasure!