Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Who needs Twenty20?

After Sunday's out of the world match, one wonders what is "impossible" in cricket?

On a day when history was made and then re-made in less than three and half hours , for the cricket lovers around the world comprehending what happened at the Wanderers was impossible let alone trying to imagine the consequences this game will have on the game of cricket in the near future. The initial reactions to this game from around the world have been coming in........most of them frenzied ones ( The Gaurdian, The Age , Cricinfo , BBC .......) ........... with the exception of Barry's .............who might have rightly seen the bigger picture in all this frenzy.

Everyone was blown away by the match and aren't really concerned with the way ODIs are turning out to be with each passing day. i mean batsmen dominating the whole 100 overs of a One-day match doesn't auger well for the future of cricket. It's ok that high scoring matches happen time to time which would really spark the interest in the game like less cricket crazy nations like RSA, NZ, WI, England.......but might really discourage youngsters to take to bowling as a career in cricket.

ICC should seriously consider some changes in the One-day cricket to make it more of an even contest btw the bat and the ball. Championships like Twenty20 shld be restricted to may be a one-off match btw the contesting teams in a tour and to minnows coming up in cricket.Who needs Twenty20 anyway? When ODIs are becoming this exciting every year do we really need a new format of the game to be squeezed into an already tight international calander. 20-20 is a gud tool to improve the skills of minnows or new nations in the cricket world and may be can be used as a single warmup match before the ODIs......and tht's wht it shld be restricted to.

New rules and set standards shld be intoduced in to the One-day game, so as to make the contests more even between the ball and the bat. (like as in pitch conditions,type of balls used .......). Maybe some of the former cricketers could help ICC in this regard.

One-day cricket is a fantastic format and we shouldn't let the importance of it get diluted with other new formats of the game.

Keep playin' and watchin' the game!

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Vijay Krishna said...

Is the ICC listening?

Sri Harsha said...

Yeah....i agree Vk.

ICC is kinda actin' wierd these days in regard to the present standards in the ODIs.