Sunday, March 12, 2006

In Evolution i believe....

Enough of this 'creationism' bullshit.

It's really freaking me out that in a country known for its scientific and technological advancements.......a factual theory like Evolution is being mocked at as something made up by atheists.

It's high time that we,as people who believe in science, need to really stand up for what we believe in.......the truth. We shouldn't let theocracy run amok in the decision making of......matters that concern and effect not only us but also our future generations.

So, let us be the initiators of a movement in the virtual world.....a movement to defend science. Let's not let rational thinking die among the people in the world.

Dr. 'drax once again came up with two fantastic icons/buttons that u could put up on u're blogs if u believe in this cause. Here they go.....

Add the following html to your page if you feel strongly about it

Update: U cld also directly paste the following html text into the template of u're blog...

<a href=""
title="Do you?"><img src="" style="border:solid 1px #000; padding:0px;" alt="I Believe" /></a>

<a href=""
title="Did you?"><img src="" style="border:solid 1px #000; padding:0px;" alt="I Evolved" /></a>


Anonymous said...

Thanks for dropping by my blog. I havent been in your neck of the woods (TX) but yea, pretty much agree death in india comes cheap.

Neat blog you have going on. I even borrowed the evolution logo.

Look forwrad to commin back sometime..

Have a nice day
Much respect

Sri Harsha said...

@ G: Thnks problems with u borrowin' the logo!

Shuuro said...

I thought people here in India will be less interested in on going debate in US over this issue but i was wrong, i found few supporters of Intelligent design theory in India too. I agree that US is known for science and technology but it is also known for its missionary zeal and number of evangelists it produces, so its no surprise to see proponents of Intelligent design theory or creationism in USA, what ever you call it. Nevertheless, it is amusing to see people go at lengths to explain so-called scientific aspects of this theory and at some time even using hilarious notions for expressing their support.

Sri Harsha said...

@ Shuuro: Atleast people in India aren't tht fanatic on this to rub their ideas and thoughts on everyone else. Saying tht we also need to be watchful of the growing influence of ministries and also some of the religious extremists there.

And yeah,it shocks me to grt extent tht these people use science in context of supporting their outrageous theories.

Gud to know tht u share my ideas shuuro. :)