Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Humiliation at Mumbai.

At lunch on the final day of the test with India at 75/3 and Sachin showing a lot of promise, i went to bed thinking tht the game is safe now for us. But Alas! it was not to be.

We were bowled out for 100!!!!. 7 wickets for 25 runs !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Damn.....this is crazy for test cricket.

And it seems like our cricketers are trying hard to set new lows to fall to with each passing year......WOW!?

Dileep Premachandran, writing for cricinfo on this , put it brilliantly.....
Capitulations are rarely honorable affairs, but even by Indian standards this was particularly lily-livered and shameful. Even in an Indian batting hall of infamy, which houses such gems as the 66 all out at Durban (1996-97) and the 81 at Barbados a few months later, this has to take pride of place.

I know that it's always difficult to play for a draw on the last day of a test match, but the demons,as usual, weren't in the pitch but in the minds of the Indian batsmen. Our batsmen aren't simply good enough to withstand a disciplined bowling attack and poor Mr. Chappell thinks that we have ready to use replacements like with Australia in the form of younger players. But the truth is that our crop of young cricketers though talented aren't good enough to face up to the hardships of international cricket, especially Test cricket.

And guess what his reaction after y'sday's defeat was?

According to the BBC,

He's (rahul) an incredible performer but we've relied heavily on him and it's time we found some others who carry their fair share of the load

And can i ask, Why aren't players like Laxman and Kaif not in the playing XI Mr. Chapell? 'Cause aren't these two exactly the kinda players who fit the bill ?

India needs, especially the test team, these players along with the hard hitters. Test cricket is all about the skill not just blind hitting of the ball.

Mr. Chappell bring back Laxman into the team. He is an invaluable batting asset which India can't afford to ignore.

It is one thing to prepare the team for future, but ignoring the present would put the future itself in jeopardy.

As Nasser said during the third test,

" ....... India cannot ignore the present while concentrating on the future. I feel tht India should let the future take care of itself........"

And the time is now, before it's too late to repent.


sanjay said...

all the players like tendulkar,sehwag and non performers should be dropped from the side...........we must give chance to new generation

Sri Harsha said...

Hmmm....droping everyone of the established players from the team isn't a sollution.

We already have done too much of experimenting....and it's high time now to stick to a combination for some seasons.