Saturday, April 01, 2006

Stuck in the middle!

For a couple of weeks now, I've become like a livin' Zombie. Unsure of what I'm doing. Unsure of where I'm heading. Just meandering here and there without doing anything.I'm kinda stuck in the middle these days (Hope I'm not suffering from tht freakin' ADHD thing........ :-() ).

Well i guess all this cld be attributed to the uncertainty tht i have over my graduation date. I'm really confused whether to graduate and jump into the uncertain world of job hunt over here or to opt for an intern this summer. Thus, postponing my date of graduation to winter.

Well to most of us over the US......i guess it's a really tough period ........ the three or so months before and after the graduation.

I hope most of the things I'm working on wld materialize into something substantial in the coming weeks. Else i'll sure be getting into some rough times ahead....

Tht's all there is it to this!


Shruthi said...

Hey, I have heard that there are some very difficult phases - but don't worry, just hang in there! :) Naaah you have no disorders ;) just relax.... everything will sort itself out once your mind is at rest!

Sri Harsha said...

Thnks a lot shruthi..... :)

Hoping so!