Saturday, April 22, 2006

Guess the place.......Can u?

Ok it only me or do u see anything wrong in this picture.

I mean not the "Spot the errors" kinda thing.......but what this picture speaks off!

Can anybody try guessing the location where this picture was taken at and what the gentleman is doing over here?

I'm looking forward to hearing from y'al.

Update: Ok......i'd like to make one thing clear.....once again.....this is not a photo contest where u r asked to find the errors in a particular picture. And here is a clue abt the was/is being touted as the one representing a new India. Now i want u all to my post carefully again...........and then come up with u're thoughts.


archana said...


no clue what place it is...kinda looks like a railway station ... but .. not too sure.

u gotta tell us

Global Indian said...

New Delhi Metro??

Sri Harsha said...

Yup ravi....u r right on!

But wht do u think is wrong with the picture!

Ak said...

you find the guy squatting on the floor as somehow marring the picture?!!

Sri Harsha said...

@ ak:

No.....I have no problem with people squatting on floors at any place.

But there is a problem with the way we do it. Unlike westerners, we just don't give a damn whether our actions are causing any inconvenience to others around us. That gentleman over here cld have taken a place tht wldn't block the way to others....but no.....our Indian mentalitiy numbs our thinking ability.

I wonder if tht particular metro station has enough seats/benches or not. Supposed to represent a new India ha !!!

I mean it's pretty obvious that Delhi metro is no where near World Class. When u look at transit systems in countries like Puerto rico, malaysia, Greece .........they make delhi metro look like a piece of crap.

Anyways, i don't have to delve more into the saying goes " A picture speaks a thousand words".

Dr. Alamandrax said...

And I'm sure you don't feel that the lack of chairs or benches for people to sit down on is the man's fault. He could have arthritis for all you and I know. Besides, NEVER try to lean against a wall in India, someone or something definitely has spit or peed on it.

Or maybe the chairs are off camera and this person is protesting that they don't conform to vaasthu or feng-shui.

In any case, The chairs could be a congestion item in our busy commute centers, but they should have planned for that.

And furthermore. What do you intend to compare the Indian mentality against? We've squat at village centers around trees, in temples in front of the garbha gudi, in schools, you name it.

I'm just helping to strengthen your argument aren't I? Oh well.

Sri Harsha said...

@ Dr. 'drax:

I did mention the lack of sufficient seating as a possiblity!

And i'm making it clear (once again), squating on the floor isn't the issue here. I HAVE NO PROBLEMS WITH THT.

I jst am pointing the way we behave ourselves in public.

Somehow i feel tht we don't have the ability to maintain world class facilities....though we might have created them in the first place.

Just got thru some of the other public transits in other places of the world.....u'll get my point. (i recommend

I'm in no way degrading the society of ours....i'm just making my point.

I was particularly stuck by this when i went throught the above site and was blown away by the stark differences tht our system has with other systems of the world.

My point is.....with the type of mentality tht we carry around, gud civic sense at public places isn't our cup of tea.