Wednesday, April 05, 2006

What a change a generation makes!!

It is not often that you come across a story and realize how insignificant you(we) are in front of our by gone generations......... in terms of the sacrifices they made for the country and the values they fought for.

I came across this story today which made me realize just that. It's really heart warming and really a humbling experience to see the passion that the lady has for her country. After all she has gone through ,it is the sense of not losing her self respect what ever the situation might be and standing for what she believes in........solid principles and values..... is something that is rarely seen today in the people of this generation.

The kind of patriotism that she still has is simply amazing......despite of her losing her whole family due to tragic incidents shortly after independence.Her unwavering fight, spanning well over a century, to survive and make an identity for herself in the society without losing her self respect is something that we all should learn from her.

A truly inspirational and also a sad story.

Sad in the sense that her story shows how miserably we failed our past generations, in building a India of their dreams.


Shruthi said...

Hey cool article... Thanks for bringing it to my notice!

Sri Harsha said...

@ shruthi: Always welcome! :)

Global Indian said...

Thanks for the link Harsha. Dont know how I missed it on rediff.

Sri Harsha said...