Tuesday, April 25, 2006

If you come today....It's too early.....

OMG!!!!! This is really funny!

When Dr. 'drax forwarded this link to me.......i laughed the sh*t out of myself....damn funny!

Really epitomizes the crazy 70's of South Indian movies.....had lots of this kinda stuff in those times.
With their heavy wigs, lipstick, fake moustaches, weird & out of place 70's fashion and not to mention some of their bulging bellys...........heroes like ntr,anr, mgr & raj kumar ruled the roost then.....!

Kinda makes one wonder how the hell they became such hits then.

Anyways....n joy!

tick tick tick.....a tick tick tick....a tick tick tick...




Anonymous said...

I assume you indeed liked Raj's song :-)

Regarding ur comments that all southern actors had had a paunch, is totally wrong in Raj's case! He had the perfect male body till his death, the kind of V-shaped male body that all men long for.....To believe it you ahould see some of his old movies in which he bares his upper body. He would put even salman khan to shame! If you don't know, Raj was a great yoga practitioner! They are available on videos.

If u r interested in some of his other songs(though they r in kannada, ucertainly like his melodious voice and the haunting tune of the song!), here they are.


The last song on the above page made him a singer with cult following.


The last song on this page is also very melodious......

Sri Harsha said...

@ anon. :

Sorry if i have generalised my comments to fit in Dr. Raj on the paunch thing. My mistake.

I was just trying to poke fun at the whacky 70's fashion.

Hey, i liked the second song. :)

Thnks for droping by.