Sunday, May 21, 2006

Who are they kidding?

According to ibnlive, after the late Saturday night meeting with the striking medicos .....

Mukherjee told a delegation of medical students that the government will implement the OBC quota in a phased manner and this will not lead to any reduction in the number of seats for the general category.

Wht the hell are they thinking? This is really insane.

Are they going to introduce more number of seats exclusively for the OBC students ? Do they mean this by saying that we are going to do justice for every community?

Holy fu@k! These people are really crazy. They are creating one problem after another just to secure their "vote banks".

Where the hell are they going to get the funds from? Already, major professional institutes in the country are suffering heavily due to lack of funds to sustain the present setup. How the hell are they going to deal with this extra influx then?Come on you pinheads at the center, wakeup first.....then you guys are going to realize that you are making one blunder after another. There are bigger and gigantic problems that the country is facing and you guys busy are (re)dividing the country now on caste as if the other divisive factors already present weren't enough.

Think different. Fund the students who are facing severe economical problems that constrain there education.........Don't Just Give A Free Ride to everyone. On this everyone agrees 100 percent.

Don't promote demerit at the cost of merit.....not at the cost of the future of an individual.....and not at the cost of the future of the nation.


Dr. Alamandrax said...

they ought to realize that by doing this, they're promoting the fallacy that OBCs are different people. this is just what the americans did with their white and black bathrooms.

why oh why don't they realize what they're doing. *weeps in agony*

Sri Harsha said...

Well knowing the Congress party, one shldn't be really surprised yet all by this.

They picked up where the imperial British Raj left. Divide and rule.