Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Pramod Mahajan passes away

(1949 - 2006)

A real sad day to everyone who have come to admire this "back-room boy turned the face of the BJP" over the years. After 11 days of battle against serious bullet injuries inflicted by his own brother (wht an irony!), Mr. Mahajan passed away this evening.

This is becoming a far too familiar situation in Indian politics over the last few years where a couple of bright hopes for the next generation leadership of the country have lost their lives due to tragic events (Mr. Scindia, from a plane crash and Mr.Pilot, due to a car crash).

May his soul rest in peace! m:(

As i write this update @ 3:10 am in the morning here in Texas, Mr. Mahajan's funeral pyre is being consumed by the flames. It is a very sad day for everyone in the BJP and to those who have seen the growth of it as a national party.

A brilliant tribute by Rajdeep Sardesai during the final moments of the funeral.

Farewell Mr. Mahajan. India will miss you.

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Dr. Alamandrax said...

did he spend so much time on his work that he didn't see his brother's anguish? such selflessness won't be back for quite a while in our times.

the man will be missed.