Sunday, May 14, 2006

Mandal II: Hope rekindles!

When this new proposal by Mr. Arjun Singh to introduce a 27% quota to OBCs in professional colleges came up at first, students took there time to come out against it. I mean took some time for the student communities to come onto the street against this, though there was genuine shock and anger all around initially.

Frankly, i wasn't surprised yet all by this initial reaction from the student community. I thought that this generation of students like me have grown accepting this quota system as part of the "being an OC student in India" parcel. Well i now know that i'm wrong, i was thinking more from an engineering student view point from A.P. In andhra,where though this quota issue is a big hurdle for all the OC students in the engineering community, people got used to the painful fact tht even if u are a merit candidate you would probably end up in a second rate college. And this kinda is also aided by the fact that u have so many engineering seats over there now in andhra that almost everyone ends up with a seat in one college or the other.

So i assumed the same with every state in India and frankly with every education stream also( immature of me to do so). Also personally, i have given up the hope on the system in India a long time back.

But today, the hope rekindled in me again...............and surely would have in many like me overseas or in India. The student community in India, i believe, seem to have had enough of this reservation bullshit. There is now a talk in the student community of rethinking the whole reservation policy in India. I'm for it and i hope steam picks up on this real quick. We need to bring this government down on its knees on this issue and should really look to kill the "vote bank politics" demon once for all.

There is going to be a ghoonda style response from the government side and i think we are prepared for that. Time has really come to show this politicians wht there place is on this issue. These bastards at the center need to know wht the rest of the student community thinks.

Let us show them loud and clear that Mandal 2 isn't going to die like Mandal 1.

P.S. : IBNlive has a gud news story data base on this issue. Chk it out here.

The views expressed here are out of anguish and not of hatred towards other pls don't take this as a vendetta against anyone else, except for the politicians.


Manas K said...

It already is a big issue, and it's snowballing everyday. And that may not necessarily be a good thing, if you see what I'm trying to say.

Sri Harsha said...

No manas. I don't agree with u on this.

It's really gud tht the student community in India is coming out against this ridiculous law. If we don't make it a big issue now they are going to kick in more quotas into every stream in India.

It's in the greater interest of the country tht we oppose this loud and clear.