Tuesday, May 30, 2006

We made it.

No country in the world wants to be at the top of this list, but we made it!

5.7 million known cases of infection in 2005.
Overtaking South South Africa, now we stand at the top of the (un)glory peak. Rejoice !

So much for the talk of a stronger India in the 21st century ha!?

The 'land of Kamasutra' ,where ironically the topic of sex is still a taboo, has now became the land of HIV AIDS. And the most puzzling part is no one really talks about this in India, still !?

So the question now is why did the awareness campaign launched almost a decade back failed to take off? We need to realize that AIDS is such kinda pandemic that its toll cannot be reversed in short term and thus we need to have at least a 10 yr plan.

Let us hope the government wakes up and does something about this . A full pitched and intense awareness campaign from the side of the federal and state governments needs to be launched with more concentration on the rural side of the country. And it would also really help if we as Indians start talking about sex and the issues related to it more openly.

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