Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Update on my "screwed up" exam!

Well my grades are out today.....and to my relief i scored an A in tht exam . Apparently i did screw up my final, i scored only 75% of the total marks. But what saved me are actually two things........
  1. Though it was a comprehensive, the final's share in the total percentage of marks for the grade was just 19%.
  2. And i nailed my course project scoring around 97% of the total marks.


But everything said and done despite of an A this sem,my cumulative GPA remained the same hovering around (3.56 / 4 ).



Shruthi said...

Hey well done!! :)

Sri Harsha said...

thnks ther shruthi!


dev said...

its not the exams that i fear .. its the results that actually creates all the trouble...! ther is more tension during the results then the exams..!!

Sri Harsha said...


YeAh, i kinda agree with u on tht dev. But i was more tense abt both of them at my school level than now. I'm kinda going easy on these since my undergrad..... :)