Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Ignorance Is Bliss!!!

Yesterday the Kansas Board of Education approved new science standards that question the validity of the theory of evolution ( hey....Why is it still called a theory ?....we need to start calling it a law...What do u say? ) . And they also have redefined science !!!! (How in the hell did these guys get elected in the first place ?)

This means that now "creationism" could be taught along with (or more than) evolution if pressurized by local communities, a free ticket for the conservatives to push ideology. Teachers now might be forced to tow the line of teaching 'creationism' as a valid theory, thus leading to increased chance of confrontations in the classrooms and outside of the classrooms. This also means that we could also have students coming out of Kansas brought up in an atmosphere that belittles science as just another conspiracy of non-believers against the believers.

What an irony!!! A nation best known for some of the greatest advancements and technological breakthroughs in modern human history is facing a situation where a section of people still want to be the "Earth is Flat" group( Also chk this out...LOL!!!).And what makes it even worse is that the President of the country itself heads the group!!!

Maybe I'm reading too much into this...there is still a lot of light in the tunnel itself...democrats started the process of restoring America to its people with y'sdays gains....people of Pennsylvania began to strikeback for gud....Californians too joined in.....



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