Saturday, November 12, 2005

The deceit continues...

It is really sad that the deceit of American people is still being continued by this administration. Even indictments seem to have failed to wake up this administration abt the quagmire of lies that it is sinking itself into it.May be they need some convictions at the top to come down!

Y'sday in an effort to hit back at a resurgent dems. and to contain the downward spiraling of his approval ratings...the president used a stage like Veteran's commemoration day to take political advantage. He not only called his critics of trying to change the history of the premise for war by accusing his administration of lying but he also pulled up the emotional card of hurting the moral of the troops by doubting the reasons for war!!!!!!!!.

He not only lies in the first place but now accuses his critics and dems as liars and of manipulation!!!!!!!!! What an a@@##l# he is!!!

How pathetic can it still become?!!

I don't think the GOP, and Bush himself, realizes that its prospects for '08 would continue to suffer as long as this administration keeps on lying about the reasons for going to war. Turning their back on the public and trying to tear down all those who seek the truth would only further dent their chances of winning the coming midterm elections and the next presidential elections .
Meanwhile the dems shld keep up the pressure and shldn't let this administration to get away that easily on any subject that would effect the Americans, afterall world peace is at stake.

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