Saturday, November 19, 2005

Are you a poop sleuth???

Test your poop investigating skills................ :-))))))))

Well going thru my daily routine of the BBC browsing and came across this funny game on its Science & Nature page . Sounds a bit gross when you hear it the first time around....but you might even n joy the test of your poop sleuth skills at the end.....he he he he !!!!!

Apart from the fun, the Science & Nature page on the BBC portal is an amazing database of facts concerning the two topics. It makes a great read (leisure aswell as serious info.) for the buffs in both the fields.

Do check out the link.
And seems tht...i'm no gud at poop investigations!!!


Global Indian said...

thnx for the link.

i got 2 out of 4. "Not bad for a few minutes work"... thatz what the site says... yeahooooo.........!!

Sri Harsha said...

hmmm...u r on track to become a poop sleuth!!!!!

Congrats! :-)))))))))