Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Day 2:Delhites rise,GOI still in deep sleep!!!

Indians over the centuries have learnt to speedily recover and pick themselves up from various tragedies....they might be events like natural disasters or an event like a terrorist attack. One may attribute this to them for being targets of continuous pillage over the centuries or just say they all have strong will of life and have learnt the lessons of survival the hard way. Whatever it might be....they have once again shown that terrorists can't stop those who love and value freedom from carrying on with their lives. These acts of terror would just make the will of the people more stronger and would make them more determined than ever to carry on with their lives.

I Salute the Delhites for their fightback.

Meanwhile the government of India ( GOI ) continues to sleep in deep slumber. I don't know when our government is going to stand up strongly against such acts of terrors and terrorists???? It is obvious that some elements across the border have taken for granted the inaction by various governments over the years as a sign of weakness on the part of the people of India. Continued terror strikes, hijackings,bomb blasts etc., are stark reminders of this and the response of the GOI hasn't always been effective to say the least. Added to this, the various governments across the border haven't stopped aiding and supporting these elements all these years and god only knows why the international community to a large extent continues to ignore this support of terrorism against a democratic and free country ??!!! Some countries still haven't completely learnt the lessons of turning a blind eye to such elements for their own selfish reasons.

It is high time that the GOI conveys a strong and clear message to the harmful elements across the border once for all. It should also make it clear to the government across the border that India wouldn't tolerate these acts of terror anymore and their failure to stop these acts would be dealt with strongly and in an appropriate way.

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