Sunday, February 18, 2007


eeks...I'm growing old.... :0...too soon !

Well the past one year has been a year of growing up for me. Learnt a bit about life and the things around me. Since the past one year, I've become quite optimistic about things around me and also us in general. Graduated with a decent academic record. And as i look forward to the year ahead, with my first job offer in hand, have to say that things are certainly looking up for me...

I still can't believe how fast the year went by.....i still remember my last birthday quite vividly....too many expletives in that post.... quite a different story back then. Certainly this birthday has been a more satisfying one and a happy milestone for me.....and i look forward to many such of these in the future years.

Take care everyone! Where ever you are, try to remember that we all share common ancestry and a beautiful tiny planet in this huge and largely unknown universe.


Shruthi said...

Happy Birthday!! And have a great time, and many more wonderful birthdays!

Sri Harsha said...

Thanks Shruthi!

Appreciate that!

Indiansunite said...

Dude,havent seen you on SSC for some time,hope everything's good