Monday, May 28, 2007

Damn those new year resolutions.....

I hate listing out resolutions at the start of every year. The main reason being hardly no one ever sticks to with those i made at the start of this year. I promised myself and also to those of you (very few) who read this blog of mine that I'm going to post as often as possible.....damn i haven't lived up to that up till this post! I'm really sorry for that. I was so tied up with sticking to my new work schedule up till now that i wasn't able to allot any time to surfing the net.....let alone blogging! But now, I'm happy to say that, I've kinda settled down quite well into the routine that from now on i could allot some time to blogging! So expect a lot more from me....from now least. ;)

So what else are things going on with you? Things haven't changed at all over here in the US for the families of the brave American service men and women stationed in Iraq and Afghanistan right now. The death toll has been unrelenting in its ascent.....and as the sun sets down on an another painful memorial day here....things are certainly looking bleak. My heart goes to the families of these brave soldiers.

And also, there aren't any words to describe the kinda of devastation, suffering and collateral damage suffered and still being endured by the millions of Iraqis and Afghans........and there is no end in sight. Hope all these people will find peace in the coming months and years.

Bush continues to live in his own world....not listening to any piece of good advice from the remaining few sane people in Washington.......the Democrats (as usual) have betrayed the American people by letting Bush have his way on the war funding real hope is visible or forthcoming from the 'o8 presidential hopefuls........not a quite rosy picture aye.

But again......there is tomorrow.


Shuuro said...

Nice to see you back!. well, i'm kinda busy these days building my career and i too wish to post often but blogging is something that i cannot think of now, but we never know when that urge to blog arises :).

I think premature planning by bush administration has led to current situation. Even if americans leave, then i don't think violence would reduce. In present situation, it is better to divide the country or to have some kind of federation to attain peace and to bring stability but this needs to be achieved by iraqis themselves. Islamic countries can play major role through UN. Sadly, we all know americans would not leave without securing their interest and this will further fuel unabated violence. I think obama seems to be more intelligent among presidential contenders.

Sri Harsha said...

Hey...good to see you again man.

Yeah...kinda agree with you on some points. U.S. should have used the U.N. right from the start...things would have been much better.

As for Obama, i need to hear more from him....too early now...