Wednesday, February 07, 2007

What the hell?

I have been trying to post on this subject for some weeks now but somehow couldn't get it going on the keys....well finally here it is.

What the hell is wrong with the razzies this year!? Shyamalan's Lady in the Water got nominated for 4 razzies!? This is ridiculous....not that I'm offended by this or anything like that....but to nominate a good movie like the LITW for one of the worst movies of 2006 is indeed wrong and disgraceful!

Moving looks like Laxman's dream of playing in a World Cup is gonna remain just that....a dream. Have to feel sorry for this talented bloke....talent ends up on the loosing side when you don't have much of influence or backing from the powerful guys at the top. It would be better for him if he concentrates on the test matches from now onwards. At least, he can bow out as a respectable test player in that way.

Since I'm a bit free these days, I've been looking at lot of other ways to keep myself busy...apart from doing some academic work now and then. I'm back to watching and listening to lot of talks, discussions, docus. etc. both on T.V. and on the net. Of course, the subjects as always being about Wildlife, Astronomy, Atheism, Science etc. Came across this small audio clip on the rise of Atheism in is a PBS news clip. Hope you guys would like it.


Anonymous said...

considering that a lot of critics thought the movie sucked, and you being the only one who actually recommended the movie to me, i'm not really surprised.

the razzies especially have a tradition of picking on some people. it just happens to be Shyamalan this year.

Sri Harsha said...

Yeah i agree with you on the razzie tradition.

But as far as the critics panning his film is concerned, i felt that it was more about attacking the style of Shyamalan rather than the movie itself. If the same movie had been made by another director it would have been surely called a masterpiece. I believe the critics were more narcissistic in their reviews than what they accuse Shyamalan of.