Thursday, December 08, 2005

A (small) milestone for my thoughts in the virtual world!

It's been jst over an year since i started blogging at blogger.

Posted around 30 posts (excluding this one) up till now. Though i shld say tht it was only during the last two or three months tht i've posted a major chunk of those 30 posts.

Some of these posts were gud, some were ok and some...lets simply say bad.

Though i initially started off with topics tht moved me or touched me and which i thought deserved the right attention...i gradually spread my scope of blogs to some entertaining and trivial topics too. But my chief objective still remains the topics that do concern and matter .

Blogging at blogger broadened my perspective...Though i shld add 'along with the fact of me starting living in the US'...abt the things around me and tht were happening in the world. It gave me an insight into the thoughts of other people in the world...Sometimes abt the world and most of the times abt their lives. I was able to discuss and share my thoughts and opinions with people from around the world...which to say the least wld have been an incredibly impossible thing to do without the medium of blogs.
So...since i'm going to be going off for a month or so...i wld like to hear from u abt my thoughts and opinions.....of the last one year of my blogging.
Please share with me your views abt my blogs up till now....frank and scncere comments are always welcome!
Do also let me know which post of mine is the best of the lot and which is the worst...


Shruthi said...

Congrats on completing a year and 30 posts! :)
I am not in a position to comment on your best post right now, coz I haven't read most of them. I hope to set that right shortly. But anyway, keep blogging :)

Sri Harsha said...

Thank you shruthi....