Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Destination home!

Finally, after a year and half of being away from home came back to India this Sunday. Man am I glad to be bck or wht….

Had a 34+ hr long boring and tiresome journey to home with four connecting flights. (damn my budget…. and damn my agent….). Had it not been for the in-flight entertainment systems (which keep on repeating the same crap) and a dozen friends for company….i wld have surely gone crazy during the trip. A piece of advice from me for those who’d like to come to India…never take more than two connecting wldn’t be worth the few hundred bucks tht u might save.

I have a lot to say and ponder abt this trip….tht wld make it damn boring to read…so i have a better idea….I’ll summarize it for u….(in my own way ofcourse)...

• Why the hell do the people don’t follow the seat numbers on their tickets while traveling inside the U.S.?

• Why the hell does the in-flight food tastes so horrible?

• Why are the state carriers in the South Asia offer such crapy service?

• What’s with the dress code of the stewardess in the South Asian carriers? Is it necessary to ask them to wear sarees when they themselves feel uncomfortable and awkward in them?

• When are our airports going to change? ( the airport in HYD and to tht matter the Heathrow was in a horrible condition; whereas I was impressed by that of Colombo)

• Why the hell does our baggage always come in installments? ( I’m still missing two of my luggage….. :-( )

A lot of unanswered questions tht I have….. (Hmmm…did I sound a bit like master Yoda??!!!)

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