Thursday, December 15, 2005

The fall continues…

Our politicians never cease to spring surprises upon us. They keep on vomiting out the same sh*t on us tht we’ve kinda accepted it as the ‘part & parcel’ of the whole “deal”- called a politician.

The brand new ‘cash for questions' scandal is one of those things that u kinda know happens in the legislative assemblies (wake up to the reality if u think other wise) but pray and hope tht at least the parliament is above all this. Apparently, it has been one of the worst kept secrets in New Delhi until now (damn….it really sucks to be an optimist sometimes).

The most troubling angle to all this is tht u kinda think that the normal culprits in these scandals would be the usual suspects, criminals turned netas, but most of the 11 MPs caught on cam were graduates! Boy….that’s a new thing….ha??!!

Well, kudos to the news media (a.k.a the 24 hr news channels) involved in this operation. For once they made a positive impact with their skills and resources. At last, they are emphasizing on issues that matter the most (whatever there objective might be). In a way, its gud to have numerous 24hr news channels competing for viewership ratings as they tend to focus on issues tht wld grab the attention of the public. Let us hope tht they wld keep the gud work going.

It is also upon us to shun the nature of compromising and accommodating the evil of corruption in our society.

Let us start by expelling these members out of parliament for life and initiating criminal proceedings against them. This shld serve as a warning to others who weren’t caught.

It always pays to learn from history and ones’ mistakes, else the ongoing fall of the system into the abyss wld continue unabated…
P.S: A link to a good editorial at the T.O.I.


Shuuro said...

Being a optimistic it always hurts, when we hear such news but on the brighter side, one MP had refused to take bride and it gives us hope in our system!.

Sri Harsha said...

Ya i agree with u...hope is all tht i have right now of our system !