Friday, October 20, 2006

These people aren't delusional........

......they are just plain crazy.

Today, the chairman of the U.S's Joint Chiefs of Staff Marine General Peter Pace defended the leadership of his boss, Mr. Rumsfled, saying that it was inspired by the higher power.

According to a news article on Yahoo today, he was quoted as saying......
"He leads in a way that the good Lord tells him is best for our country,"
No one would be alarmed normally if it was a quote attributed to some other Secretary of Defense, but these words are indeed quite significant because of the way the whole administration talked about the war on terror from the beginning. From day one onwards they used words in the biblical sense or terms, like it is a battle between the " good" and the "evil", it is a battle for civilization etc. The President himself is known to be a devout born again Christian and is known to use & take the name of God in his speeches most of the times. He was once alleged to have said this,

''God told me to end the tyranny in Iraq"

To just think that someone at such high and important positions as the President & the Secretary of Defense can talk about the important policy decisions they take are inspired by God or told by God himself is just unforgivable. And we have and are seeing today in the present world how the consequences of such religious fanaticism will unfold into catastrophic disasters like the 9/11 and Iraq war.

I see no difference between the two sides in this war on terror right now. The line is dangerously blurring between them.And when i say both sides, it is interesting to note that all the decisions are being made by a few number of people at the higher echelons of power and in total control, with their own public being either kept in the dark or made to rally behind their cause by the effective use of fear psychosis. Both sides are driven by the belief that what they are doing is right and approved by a higher being.

This reminds me of what Mr. Dawkins said in his BBC documentary the Root of all Evil, something similar to this, in the context of the conflict between the religions, ....
".....the war on terror is not between Evil and Good,as Mr. Bush puts is the battle between two Evils...and who ever wins we loose..."
The sooner the people on the both sides realize this, the better it is for the peace in the world and ultimately for the survival of humanity on this planet.

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