Sunday, October 08, 2006

A first....

Well another lazy Sunday and I've logged into my PC this afternoon and came across this ( if the link doesn't work then chk the oct 8's Views section article abt Younis Khan) over at my blog's site meter. This brings up a few things....
  • Either people in the media back home do read blogs quite often or they just seem to have a good blogsearch engine.
  • It was really cool of Mumbai Mirror to give importance and place for the views of bloggers on their digital edition.We appreciate this as bloggers. I don't know whether they do this on their print edition....hope somebody in Mumbai clears this for me.
  • This is a first of sorts for my blog and I'm thrilled................. :)
  • And, finally something should be done abt the way Pakistani Cricket operates.
And on a different note, my job search is still going on and it kinda is a boring thing to do. Phew!
Hopefully this week might be the lucky week for me. Keeping my fingers crossed!

P.S.: Btw.......for those who haven't figured out what the initial link is all about, my blog is the fourth article featured on that page.

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