Sunday, September 24, 2006

Ass Kicking.....Clinton style

It was a big FUCK YOU to FOX and its neocon. correspondents on it from Bill Clinton. On FOX news Sunday today he was interviewed by Chris Wallace and man did he get some ass kicking from Mr. Clinton or not.

Watch this for the interview.


Dr. Alamandrax said...

you mean or what, but i'll let that slide.

you should see chris wallace's ass-saving maneuvers today on fox. apparently he said that he'd asked a "non-confrontational" question and was surprised by Clinton's crack-pot "Conspiracy"-theory tirade.

they ought to realise that their credibility is gushing down the drain with every second that passes by. i mean, come... Oooon!!! (wink wink... nudge nudge) they have ann coulter on frequently for in"Hannity"'s sake. (i was going for insanity there... fyi)

Sri Harsha said...

First, let me clear one thing...this post wasn't mean to be a steal. I jst couldn't resist posting this 'cause i was waiting for it since this came up.

I completely agree with you on the rest of your comment.


Actually, i'm waiting for the takes of TDS/TCR/keitho on this.