Sunday, September 10, 2006

Another blabering...'s been a long time since i had anything to post over here. I'm kinda messed up right now......haven't been doing much with my life after graduation. Should have searched more aggressively for jobs....but didn't for like 20 days now. Need to start working on this more.

That is it, not much going on. A couple of friends of mine met with a terrible accident involving cars, they are recuperating from serious injuries. Really was worried abt them it looks like they are going to make it. I'm really hoping and wishing for their recovery.Please do the same, if you guys could do that.

What else? I've been watching this incredible docu. series by Jonathan Miller, that was shown on the BBC last year, on the history of disbelief. Really awesome. Do catch it, if you can.......over here. It's a three part series. Do watch it.

While I'm writing this post, I'm also listening to BBC world service online. And their weekly program on religion is on and this gentleman, who is a Kenyan evangelical Bishop, comes on air arguing that a exhibit showing the evolutionary findings in Kenya should not be allowed cause it promotes a "theory" that contradicts Christianity. WTF??? This is becoming we aren't allowed to exhibit scientific findings as facts cause they go against some religious crap? Come on......guys we need to take this more seriously, else the day may not be far away when science itself might be considered blasphemous.

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