Saturday, August 05, 2006

An update

I have applied for "in absentia" graduation. This means that I'm going to get ten more days from today to submit my thesis to my school over here.

Making some sort of progress.....everything is going fine. Hopefully everything to be done by the 14th of this month. The gud part is that I can take my graduation walk for this semester and can start on my job search soon. I'll jst receive my degree coming December...but I'm as gud as any graduate student coming out this semester. So no problemos for now. :)

So wht else? Been a while since I posted a serious post. Will surely write some as soon as I'm done with this stuff.

Well the world is bck to its stable state of chaos......once again ha! Israel is bombing the hell out of Lebanon.....Hezbollah is retaliating....America is turning a blind eye to the whole situation. The rest of the world is standing to the side....staring helplessly at the crisis in the middle east.

American mainstream media (MSM) is going crazy over the "end of the world" and "rapture" bullshit....... here we go again...these fucking 24 hr media outlets never change.

By the way.....the heat over here at TX is damn hot this year........and it is raining like hell bck home in Hyderabad. Global Warming.......?

Who cares?

Not Bush and his GOP cronies. Hope some changes occur in the coming elections.



Wht the hell was this all abt.....where did i start and where did i end?

Damn....need to complete this thesis thing soon.....


Dr. Alamandrax said...

global warming. *smirk*

i still think it's just summer. i believe global warming is happening of course, only i don't think such drastic changes in the weather are related. oh wait. none of the "scientists" agree with me. fuck em. what do they know anyway.

hold one while i go close the door on the refridgerator of my hummer. i never turn off my baby you know, keeps it primed.

you were saying?

Sri Harsha said...


I hope u re hummmer runs only on water.

Shuuro said...

Good luck and hope that your thesis will go as you planned!.

Sri Harsha said...

@ Shurro:

Thnks man.

Appreciate tht very much...