Sunday, August 27, 2006

Leaving the Egg behind.

I was a vegetarian by birth. In a way everyone is a vegetarian by birth right!?


What if your mom is a non-vegetarian? Then you by virtue of getting the energy from her.....inside the womb.....will also be a non-vegetarian. Twisted logic aye......

Anyways coming back to me, when i was 5 0r 6 (I'm not sure) following the advice of my doctor uncle, i was converted into an egg-etarian by my parents. To be frank, my body was somehow not a big fan of egg and egg based products....even into my late teens. I used to end up with high fever & heavy phlegm if i had too much of egg, in whatever form it might be. But over the last half decade, egg became a regular part of my diet. Especially luved the Chinese egg fried rice.

But, all of a sudden.....roughly a week back i decided to drop egg from my diet. I don't know why! It's like all of a sudden my mind ordered me to become a vegetarian again. May be this has to do something with my decision or may be my strengthening atheistic thinking these days might be the reason. I'm not sure. But i believe both may have their own parts leading to my decision.

But, I'm sure of this though, i have left the egg behind.

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