Friday, August 18, 2006

My blogs....

OK...let me tell this straight away. When i first started blogging, way back in September-October 2004, i wasn't sure of what this is all about. I wasn't even sure (or to be frank aware) of the difference between a blog and a post. I just knew tht one cld maintain online diaries and write whatever sane or insane things he cld make or think of. Tht's how i started first blog(s) being on

Actually, i started out with two separate being " My Blogs" and the other one titled as "Kaleidoscope". I hardly posted anything on those the maximum three to five. Then came the 'turning' point.....the 2004 U.S. Presidential elections.....being a natural democrat from the beginning (don't ask me why?.......i wanted Gore to badly win the 2000 elections) and seeing how Mr. Bush was screwing up the whole world, i wanted Kerry to win the elections. Alas, it was not to be. I was really upset that close to 49-50 % of people in this country still deemed it fit to give this monkey a second term. This resulted in my first blog on over here........ "Result-2004". And nearly two years down the lane and after 116 blogs, here i'm ....still blogging and finishing up my 117th.

Thanks for reading and leaving u re opinions over here. I really appreciate that. to the main reason behind all this blah blah......I'm thinking of changing the title of my blog. I've resisted changing this up till now 'cause i was to say....orthodox to change it as i was kinda got used to it. Call me old fashioned....this is how I'm.

Anyways, wht do you guys think? Shld i change the title....or keep it as it is......? Suggestions are always welcome.



Vikram said...

I personally feel it would be better to see a more indicative title for your blog rather than a plain 'My blog' which hardly gives out any info

Sri Harsha said...

Yeah.....tht is wht i'd like it to be.

Thnks man.