Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A Tech Savvy Administration

There is no doubt that the Obama campaign is going to be known for years to come as the campaign that used the internet to its maximum and really revolutionized the way presidential campaigns are run. Even the transition had a great new age media feel to it with an extended online presence in every imaginable way possible.

Now it looks like they are taking this to an entire new level with the way the White House functions in this new media age. From the second Obama was sworn in, the new administration's team took over the Whitehouse.org and completely changed it from its previous incarnation. Change came to Whitehouse.org. For the first time an administration has a blog on its website. Obama also became the first President to start delivering his weekly address as an You Tube video.

Over the recent few weeks with the passage of the economic stimulus become a hotly debated issue across the country with so much money riding on it, the new administration came under a bit of fire with the way they overreached across the aisle for bipartisanship in the Senate and the Congress. And with majority of the GOP members in both houses voting against the bill, the criticism has turned into a bit of skepticism about the ability of the Obama team to handle Washington politics.

Finally it looks like they have decided to take back the initiative on this issue. The White Hosue has released a fascinating sideshow today that projects the efforts put in by the President and his team in extending an open invitation for the GOP to come aboard the ship on the stimulus bill. Brilliant stagecraft on the part of the administration. Fascinating pictures.


Shuuro said...

Obama's campaign has set a precedent with his success and many would emulate it. Here, BJP seem to have learned couple of things from it. i find BJP ads on national and international sites that i visit. These adds are selectively targeted on indians.

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Sri Harsha said...

@ Shurro: Interesting. I did not come across one yet.

@ kin'xp: Thanks. I'll send you my link.