Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Clock is Ticking

I turned 26 this past Wednesday. I'm growing old too soon :(.

I used to love birthdays during my school days, lots of candy to eat and a good dose of special dishes from mom. I miss those days. I miss being a school going kid (Who doesn't?).

Nowadays it comes down to just cutting a cake in the office. Well something is better than having nothing right! The perils of staying away from your loved ones. I should thank my colleagues though at the office for getting a very delicious cake this year too.

Four more years till the dreaded 30s!


Shuuro said...

my belated wishes. same feeling here, those bygone days are the best.

james oh said...

We, at the, have a different view. We view life is full of joys if you look at the bright side of it. Of course, no comparison to the past. Things changed and it will be getting better in term of different perspective and experience. have a great day everyday,

Sri Harsha said...

I have no real qualms about my life today. I was just recounting my child hood. Have a good day.